A pool of water under your refrigerator from an unknown source is never a pleasurable discovery. Homeowners typically find themselves asking, “Why is my refrigerator leaking water onto the floor?” And the response isn’t usually that simple to find. Below are the 6 most typical sources of a leaking refrigerator and how to repair them.


Obstructed Defrost Drain

Is your fridge leaking water? Take a look at the defrost drain pipe. This tube may be positioned below the fridge freezer section, below the produce bin, or behind the refrigerator. Food fragments and various other particles can block the drain pipe. Ultimately, a blockage will trigger condensation to leak on the flooring.

Repair: Grab a turkey baster and flush the drainpipe opening within the refrigerator with a little warm water. If the obstruction does not budge, attempt clearing it with a pipe cleaner or clothes hanger. Next off, situate the defrost drainpipe and clean the connected drainpipe valve with soap and water. If the drain hose was the problem, as soon as you get rid of any type of blockages, your fridge should quit leaking.


Fractured Drain Pan

Below your fridge is a drain pan that collects any type of condensate water from the evaporator fins. Normally, the water in the drain pan vaporizes; there’s never ever a need to remove it. However, if there is a fracture, damage, or split in the pan, collected water might leak on the flooring.

Manage: Sometimes, a fridge leaking water is an easy repair! Merely pull out the drain pan and check it for splits. If you see the damage, change it. Head over to your local hardware shop and purchase a brand-new drain pan. That’s it!


Water Line Leak

Refrigerators with water lines are extremely noticeable. It’s excellent to get a cold glass of ice water as needed. However, if your refrigerator starts leaking near the back, a loosened up or damaged water line may be the wrongdoer. You might observe a reduction in ice creation, or water circulation problems.

Fix: Inspect the water line and the connected shut off valve behind the fridge for leakages. If you discover a leakage at the valve, attempt tightening up the connection. If the pipe is pressed or leaking, trim away the harmed location of the tube or replace the whole tube.


Adverse Water Filter Connection

Do you have a sophisticated modern refrigerator with a water filter? A poor link between the water filter and fridge could cause water to leak out onto the floor. Mounting the incorrect dimension filter can similarly be at fault.

Take care of: Remove the water filter and return it. If you still find pools on the floor, attempt mounting a new filter. Old filters crack as they age. Make certain you buy the perfect kind of filter according to the maker’s directions. If this is the problem, when you put the new filter in, the dripping should cease.


High Humidity

Exceptionally damp environments can develop refrigerator leakages. Astonished? Right here’s why: As airborne moisture combines with your fridge’s chilly temperature levels, condensation drains into the drain pan quicker than typical. As well as likewise when the Drain pan overflows, you’ll see a pool on the flooring.

Take care of: Manually remove the drain pan on moist days to avoid leaking. If high humidity is a normal occasion, consider setting up a dehumidifier in the cooking area.


Open Fridge Door

Keeping your refrigerator door open for as long as possible makes the refrigerator work overtime to cool off, and you’ll end up standing in a significant swimming pool of condensation.

Repair service: Close the fridge door! If the problem continues, clean the rubber seals on the doors with soap in addition to water. Lube the seal with a thin layer of oil. This repair must assure a closed seal.

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